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A True Soul Artist


Lady Bain has shifted the paradigm of R&B music over the course of her career. While splitting her time between Detroit, Michigan, and Katy, Texas, the singer-songwriter has never had doubt come her way when it comes to authenticity. Just four years ago, Cassandra Bain was a hard-working Detroit police officer who found herself in a near-fatal car accident. It ended her career and she soon lost the love of her life to dementia. She learned life can be painful, but it can also guide us to new places. During her rehabilitation, a friend encouraged her to begin singing again. Her voice oozes passion due to her Baptist Church choir roots, yet it cuts through the air with pain and rawness. Growing up with Nat King Cole And Nancy Wilson records playing, she developed a style rooted with nostalgia while adopting the modern flair.


Her island heritage adds edge and spice to a sophisticated performance; the truth of her life experience forges an original sound that echoes the legendary singers that shaped her style. Bain even started out in the 80s singing alongside the legendary Martha Reeves. This style and substance have led to critical acclaim, including nominations at Lady Flava Radio’s 7th Anniversary Awards and Jay Williams’ Gospel Hip-Hop Awards. She has had her records played across the country on many radio stations, including iHeartRadio, and several tracks have been placed on the Bravo network. She acts as well, having recently auditioned for the gospel remake of “Wiz,” “Messiah of Oz” produced by Dreams Productions, and inking a deal to appear in the film “Color Blind” by Aigne Film Group. In the meantime, she has been in the studio with Grammy-nominated artist Corey Stoot to work on her next album due out in spring 2021. Lady Bain is a modern legend that will soon certify her status even further in the coming months!

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