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A True Soul Artist



Cassandra is a highly sought after Detroit native singer that has the songwriting skills on which the world has been waiting. Her Baptist Church roots provide the passion and soul in her voice. Her Island heritage gives her a spicy, mysterious edginess. Cassandra Bain affectionately known as just “Lady Bain“ doesn't go out of her way to fit in with trends. She is heavily influenced by older legends such as; Nat King Cole, Nancy Wilson, Sam Cooke, Patti LaBelle, and The Clark sisters just to name a few. Cassandra’s musical phrasing is what makes her a very unique brand that will be recognized for generations to come. Cassandra began her professional career singing along side musical legend Martha Reeves in the late 80’s. From that point, she began making her rounds throughout Detroit singing for various performances. In the early 90’s Cassandra also dabbled in modeling. Cassandra is dedicated to keeping the sound and integrity of true music alive.